Help move supplies


Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services (IRIS)


We are looking for about 5 volunteers who would be willing to help us move supplies from 91 Clark St to the IRIS office this Friday, 8/28, from about 10-12:00.

The supplies are in a second floor apartment. They need to be brought down and loaded into a truck which will carry them to the IRIS office (about 5 min away). Then they need to be unloaded from the truck in the IRIS back parking lot into the front room of the office. Ideally, people could meet at 91 Clark Street, then follow the truck in their own vehicles and help again at the IRIS office (there won't be room for everyone to ride in the truck). Would be a huge help, we would be very appreciative.

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Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services (IRIS) has been welcoming refugees and immigrants and enriching the New Haven community since 1982.

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