New Haven Residents vs. COVID-19

This is a New Haven-wide partnership platform, where New Haven residents can volunteer (in-person or remotely) and local non-profits and government can post volunteer needs. Let us unite and fight the pandemic together!

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  • Call for Volunteers to Help Ensure Distancing at COVID Testing at IRIS

    IRIS (Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services)

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    In partnership with Fair Haven Community Health Care, IRIS is hosting free COVID testing on August 12th, from 8:30am to 12pm. We are looking for a small group of volunteers who can (kindly and diplomatically) help maintain social distancing. We will have marked out appropriate spacing in chalk and need a few people to walk around and ensure that folks are standing in the line at required distances.

    New Haven (on site)
  • Front-end Developer

    SocialTrace / Contact Tracing App Development

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    We are looking for a front-end developer with skills in Next.js, D3.js, Apollo GraphQL to help with the develop of a COVID-19-focused contact tracing web-app. This app would allow user to monitor their exposure risk while also provide a historical record they could share with public health officials in order to assist with contact tracing efforts.

  • Volunteer researcher on contact tracing

    Yale School of Public Health, Yale University, and the Connecticut Association of Independent Schools

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    We are seeking a volunteer to support a project between the Yale School of Public Health, Yale University, and the Connecticut Association of Independent Schools (CAIS). The goal of the project is to support approaches to contact tracing and limiting COVID-19 outbreaks in CT schools. The volunteer would initially support preparation and submission of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) application. As the project begins, the volunteer could also assist with data collection, management, and analysis as appropriate. We are looking for someone with excellent writing and organizational skills. Experience with public health, mixed methods, and/or human subjects research would be a plus. The time commitment would be 4-8 hours a week. Please contact Marie Brault at with questions.

  • Sew Face Masks


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    Sew cloth masks for community organizations in need (healthcare workers, soup kitchen, shelters, etc.)

  • Grant Support 1

    Moving With H.O.P.E.

    11 volunteers - sign up to volunteer

    Search and/or apply for $1,000 to $10,000 to provide funding for a projects that will train provide food and supplies to homeless shelters, immigrant communities, and the homebound in Greater New Haven, Greater Bridgeport, and Greater Waterbury.

    A grant template has already been created and we have identified about 10 foundations to apply to in Connecticut. Each application will take 1-2 hours to complete. If successful, we will expand the project to other metro areas: Stamford, Hartford, Danbury, New London, and Springfield, Mass.