Volunteer Driver for Medication Delivery During COVID-19




Pills2me is looking for volunteers who are at least 18 years of age, but less than 65 years old. The role of the volunteers will be to help pick up medications for the elderly and other patients who are at high risk of developing complications from the coronavirus. The volunteers must be in good health and have no risk factors for COVID-19 as outlined by the CDC guidelines. The volunteers can register on our website www.pills2me.com with their availability. Once we get a patient request, we will reach out to available volunteers who will then confirm if they can fulfill the request. We have a driver protocol on our website on how to safely carry out the delivery while maintaining social distancing.
The elderly and other vulnerable patients can request a free same day medication delivery by registering on our website www.pills2me.com. Once we receive the request, we will connect them with a volunteer driver who will help deliver their medication to their doorstep.

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